A Battle Between Two of the World’s Biggest Social Networks

twitter news outletIf you don’t have a Facebook profile people look at you funny. Everyone from grandmas and grandpas to teachers now have a profile listing their likes, their photo albums, and their relationship status. In order to network, you must have a Facebook.

But with similar network sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, the necessity of Facebook seems to be diminishing. What once started as a more professional site intended to join together college students and professors has been taken over by high school students and seniors.

Games like Farmville and Candy Crush coupled with pictures of “friends” dinners, seem to steer away from the original purpose of the social network. Similar to older networking sites like Myspace, people seem to be spending less and less time on Facebook.

In an age of brevity and short attention spans, Twitter acts as an answer to all those looking to rid themselves of long news feeds filled with pointless information.

twitter major newspaperAllowing only 140 characters per tweet, Twitter is informative, to the point, and easy to use. With flawlessly designed phone and desktop applications, Twitter is focused on producing a seamless, relevant social network that doesn’t deter away from what’s being written

News organizations, politicians, and celebrities use Twitter for promotion which makes way for a streamlined homepage dedicated to consumers looking to get the information they desire at any time of the day.

Though many agree that Twitter isn’t as personal and exciting as Facebook, others argue that that’s exactly the point.

Twitter is still a fun, but slightly more professional place where information is shared and distributed between followers. Though Facebook allows for information to be shared this way, clutter brought on by hundreds of apps often blocks truly meaning information.

Now instead of checking The New York Times or CNN every morning, people check their twitter feed. Twitter makes it easier to see the days important stories from more than one news organization. All in one place, Twitter acts as an news aggregator, revolutionizing the importance and significance of a social network.

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